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I enjoy reading a lot of reviews from a lot of different sites, but at the same time, there are a ton of things I really hate about people’s standards for what makes a review a review. Many of my complaints come from the arguments of what a review should try to accomplish. One take is that reviews should be based strictly on the enjoyment you gain from the work, regardless of how offensive, trashy, or lazy the material is. Another take is that the review should mainly take into account the effort and intent put behind a work, similar to how you would imagine The Academy would be pressed to look at works. There is also the take that a review should just be either,  “Nobody should watch this,” or, “Everybody should watch this.”

I want all of my reviews on a show to be able to address topics like these, but most of all, I want my reviews to be honest. I don’t want to find myself changing my opinions to simply fit a format people are expecting to recieve a review in. If I recognize the merits of a show, but entirely found it boring and dull, then that’s what I’ll say. If I found myself absolutely invested in a show’s characters, but recognize that the production staff is shamelessly being lazy when it come to animation, then that is what I’ll say. If I think that nobody or everybody should watch a show, then that’s what I’ll say, but if I think that there is a specific audience who will enjoy a show even though I hated it, then that is what I’ll say.

I hope that from a review someone could, at the very least, feel either entertained or informed in some manner. Again though, I just want to be honest with what I think above all else, and as such, I am totally open to being wrong. I am always happy to be proven wrong.

Because of the fact that I do want to address a show on both the level of how much I enjoyed it and how I much I respected it, I will simply make a score for the show for those two categories at the end. This will be shown by a graph. The scores will be out of 100, but a score of 50 is neutral. For example, a show with a Respect Score of 45 I didn’t respect, but one with a 52 I respected just a little. The specific number values available are so broad that I will probably change them over time as I think about the shows staying value over time and also probably when I rewatch them. The scores will be the last thing in a review, so if I ever change them I will address it with an update comment beneath the graph.

Below are examples of what the graphs will look like.

Green = EnjoyedOrange = Respected

Green = Enjoyed
Orange = Respected

Red = Did not respect.Blue = Did not enjoy.

Red = Did not respect.
Blue = Did not enjoy.

...I got nothing...

…I got nothing…

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