The Future Diary Review (Secret Santa)


Wow! Has it been an entire year since I have posted my first review? Yep….And for the same Secret Santa project? Yep….. But I really do like this project, and I am happy to be a part of it again, this year getting another show that I probably would not have had myself ever complete on my own accord.

This year I received the title The Future Diary. The premise of the show is quite simple. It is basically a last-man-standing type plot, with 12 people chosen by “God” who have all received the power to see the future through their various “diaries” that they keep, be it a cellphone diary or one kept on a scroll.  With these diaries though, they must fight until only one participant is left, with this individual taking over and becoming the new God.

Before I go on, I would like to point out that the anime of The Future Diary is actually based on a 12 volume manga series, and this means that there may be plenty of stuff that is left out of the television show. I still am entirely judging this on the show though, and I don’t know whether or not the things I found lacking were addressed in the manga. The show also has a one episode OVA that is also not a part of this review as well.

Now, to start, The Future Diary is my favorite kind of show. It is a show that has a game like plot, where it put’s both the characters and audience under a kind of restriction on their thinking. The thing I like most about premises like this though, is that there is always an endgame in site. You know that there will be and end, and you know that there will be, or should be, continuous progression all towards that end.

The Future Diary sets up its story with dark tones from the very beginning. The main character of the show, Yukiteru Amano, is so antisocial the he has titled himself an “observer” who keeps a cellphone diary of everything that happens around him. He even has common delusions in his brain where he talks with the God “Deus Ex Machina” about his day,  this God later revealing himself to be real and the runner of the future diary game. The second most important character is a girl name Yuno Gasai, who despite not realizing it himself until the game brings them together as participints, she is completely obsessed with Yukiteru. She is actually a stalker who keeps a diary all about what Yukiteru is doing that she updates every  ten minutes. In the game the diaries keep all of the same patterns of the entires before they were made into Future Diaries, so with their two diaries, Yukiteru’s knowing the future of everything that is going on around him and Yuno’s knowing everything that will happen to Yukiteru, they start their survival game.

The Future Diary introduces on more eccentric character after the next, and somehow keeps a tone that is incrediably dark, but doesn’t suffer from the comedic notes that the series wants to hit here and there. The thing that I most appreciate about the show though, is that just about every player in the game is COMPLETLY INSANE. And I honestly mean this as a strong point. Every character has been chosen by this God, Deus, and it makes you feel  that all of their madness was chosen for a reason. Their personalities become the highlight of the show, and as you watch the two main characters make their way through each more insane diary holder than the last, the best best way to describe the show is as simple, honest entertainment. And that is the level where I think The Future Diary shines, as simple entertainment. A lot of the characters are so dramatized an unrealistic, that you can’t deny that they are silly, but what is important is that they are fun.

The problem with The Future Diary though, is the world that has been created outside of this game and the characters in that world as well. They are pretty much unforgivably unlikeable and idiotic. While all of the participants in the game are enjoyably insane, the characters outside of this are so stupid that it comes through just how much of the show seems like bad or unneeded writing. There are “friends” that Yukiteru makes outside of the game in the series, through idiotically stupid drama relating to the game, and they seem to be as flat as that. They seem to be there not because they need to be, but more because of reason like, “That is what happens in anime/manga. The main character makes friends. What kind of a main characters doesn’t have a big group of friends?” There were also other tertiary characters that didn’t make the series flat, but almost detestable. Taking up section after section of screen time is a very forced romantic relationship that is supposedly just has to blossom between a cop…….and a MASS MURDERING TERRORIST. Now when The Future Diary has it’s dark scenes, they are amazingly dark, so when you have a character who you just saw kill dozens of children, you kinda want that person to be the next to go, but instead they become a long reoccurring character who is swooned over by the supposedly “good” cop for the entire show. And when I say supposedly good, good is how the show 100% treats him, while I myself find him a disgusting and despicable character.

And that is definitely the biggest flaw that The Future Diary has, and it is a HUGE FLAW.  It takes incredibly sensitive subject matter, and tries to use them in incredibly insensitive and thoughtless ways. Trying to be both edgy and at hit all the checkboxes on “what happens in a good series”  (basically just adhearing to clichés) it creates situations that or forced and poor character arcs that the show tries to pretend make sense.


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  1. Glad to see you enjoyed Future Diary! The review is pretty on-par with the same feelings I had towards the show, with the crazed, insane, incredibly entertaining main characters (oh god Yuno) getting sapped a little bit by some of the not-so-great side cast and odd subplots.

    Did you also end up watching the Redial OVA? That gives a little bit of a twist on the ending of the series.

    And I have to ask:
    Amano x Yuki or Yuno x Yuki? XD

    • I didn’t watch the OVA, but I read a summary of it and it seems it did some of the things I would like to see, like the worlds getting connected, but I don’t like the whole melding Yuno 1 and 3 thing.

      And I don’t know what Amano x Yuki is…. But I am all for third world Yuno x Yuki.

      • Agh misspelling strikes again! I meant Akise x Yuki lol.

        And hell yea to 3rd world Yuno-Yuki pairing.

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